Saturday, 21 June 2014

The world of MICROSOFT around me!

 "Being armed is Technology,
                          Being remotely connected is Technology,
                          Being in space is Technology,
                         And what can beat technology is 'Technology itself!'

The world for many-many years has been running on technological advancements being the central idea. Computer has become a must need for every individual and the one who got it best in every household is Microsoft! Hello everyone, I am Sanjhal Sharma studying Computer Science in Cummins College of Engineering for Women, Pune and I am a strong enthusiastic MSA aspirant.
As a kid when I was first introduced to a computer at home the very  first visual that appeared was the Windows logo and the very first application I used was Microsoft  Paint. With various editing and drawing  features it had got me so amused. Since then a lot has changed:-The old computer desktop box has been replaced with high-tech laptop. The new sleek  smart phone world has taken over the previous non-smart mobile devices but what remains constant is Microsoft and its applications whether it be the computer or mobile phone.

According to me, the ever increasing demand for Microsoft products in today’s competitive technological world is mainly due to its user friendly environment, a great GUI support, security services and various new softwares introduced frequently for its users. It’s a brand for many decades for the competence it has.
Talking about Microsoft’s impact on my life I must say I live in its created world almost on daily-basis. Microsoft office is one of its features that I started using for my project work since my school days and it’s a great help till today. Making power point presentations, preparing word documents or working on excel sheets : one has to admit how beneficial it is. Another amazing feature in digital media world is Windows movie maker which has a variety of editing features and serves well for somebody creative like me. Skype is by far the best e-communication software which keeps you in touch with your dear ones across the world with great ease and speed. Internet explorer perhaps is, a web browser well known to even kids and a must icon on every personal and professional screen.

With Windows making its way into smart phones it almost feels like using computer on that small phone. For gaming enthusiasts, famous video gaming brand like Xbox and Kinect-a motion sensing gaming technology is available because of Microsoft. So many features to talk about but the secure nature of its softwares is something to mention for sure. Many security essentials are available for the customers like Windows defender, firewall etc that one can feel totally safe and secure.
As an engineering student I have to say that Microsoft makes my life easy and helps me learn better without having to struggle with so many softwares and applications almost every day. It is a part of every household because it’s as simple as a ‘click’. I truly believe Microsoft is indispensable part of this machine world. This is the Impact Microsoft has on me!


According to me, as a Microsoft student associate my first step will be knowing about the new Microsoft products myself and then spreading awareness about it in various social circles .I shall have an enthusiastic approach towards helping others learn about the new products and help them use it better and more efficiently.

As MSA I shall make use of opportunities like Social platforms ,college faculty, seminars and campus promotions to spread awareness, promote and help others learn about Microsoft products. To what we all can gain from the amazing technology each time a new Microsoft product comes up with, it shall be my duty to reach out with it to as large a number as possible.


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